Friday, March 2, 2007

Collision Course

We are bombarded every single day of our lives with information. Information that becomes our unseen weight.

Even those that pretend to be advanced in their thought patterns are subject to easy manipulation in the face of simple information.

Bombing statistics abroad, fathers to the child of Anna Nicole, who got voted off American Idol on Thursday... These are all things that I absorb through my CNN email headlines, my customized Google home page, and my DVR that needs a release from sheer neglect...

Speaking of release...

Expression comes in many forms - a spontaneous yet "perfect" conversation about things that took on different meanings after you let them go, an artistic rant involving words or music or brushstrokes or... ???, a diary you filled with the freedom of how you were feeling - marking your place in history (at least for yourself) in a warm hiding place. Everyone processes their information differently, and the end result (for those lucky enough to see the process through) is *release*.

There are things we talk about and things we avoid. There are things we would like to talk about, but the moment can't be forced and never appears as we think it should. There are also things that are expressed through music, painting, dance, and a whole slew of varied interpretations. The end result is the need to clear our systems of the information we ingest. Through this process of expression, we *release* the information we ingest into the wild....

Welcome to the world of blogging... a world where anyone can make all of their anonymous feelings available for consumption, digestion, and commentary. A world where we process our information and regurgitate it back for someone else to digest. A world where the diary suddenly sucks because no one can read what I wrote when it's hidden in my top dresser drawer. A world where communication about daily events can feel like that cold distant X-Mas letter that "catches everyone up" on the familial goings on of all things boring.

I have a wife that blogs to say things that she is too embarrassed to speak.
I have friends that blog because it's easier than picking up the phone to relay information.
I have friends that see it as a form of art.

I can't lie... I am all three.

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