Monday, July 16, 2007

Nature Sound Anthology

Animals vocalize for any number of reasons. They express and communicate joy, anger, fear, hunger and just about anything else you would expect from the regular human spectrum of emotions. Monitoring any specific species over time you can begin to see communication patterns that come in the form of clicks, chirps, growls, purrs, etc.

It turns out that Zombs is no different in his communication stylings. The difference here is that Zombs is differentiating himself by borrowing sounds from the "porpoise" and "chipmunk" spectrum to create his own "voice". The mix is a startling representation of what you would hear from these very different creatures in the wild. It is our belief that Zombs is possibly some sort of shapeshifter that is simply disguising his voice to throw off the dog and cat until a safe balance is found (and he can hold his head up without assistance). Only time will tell.

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