Monday, July 23, 2007

The Travels of Snik Snak

Alas - my first three dedicated weeks with Elliott have come to a close and I am heading back to work on a modified schedule. I look back on the last three weeks with great fondness as my wife and I continue to push the envelope of lost sleep, random adventures, and working out our new routine. Elliott continues to pick up nicknames - the latest being "Snik Snak" after a reference to a children's song on the Ida "You Are My Flower" recording (not to be confused with the Afghan Whigs "You My Flower")... :)

To document the first few weeks of outside adventures - I am noting them here as they will quickly be forgotten with new information, nicknames, and random facts linked to the life force that now runs Casa de Ivy. They are (in no particular order):

* Costco for lunchtime hot dogs, diapers and water - we blew the changing table out in the men's room and had to make a quick escape.
* Albertson's in East Village, Vons in North Park, Whole Foods in Hillcrest, Gala Foods in South Park - all linked to food /diaper trips and to reduce cabin fever.
* Sansei Sushi - our first "lunch" outing during rush hour
* Tioli's Crazy Burger - our second lunch outing
* The Golden Spoon for frozen yogurt
* Paradise Frozen Yogurt for an evening fix
* Thrifty for Double Chocolate Malted Crunch scoops
* The South Park July 21st "Walkbout"
* Happy Hour at Mike and Music's house for beers
* The Potenza's Empanada Party - Mom's first post-partem buzz :)
* Babies R US - we jumped the gun on your Halloween outfit
* Target - additional supplies and baby accessories we never knew we needed, but had gift certificates for...
* Multiple trips in the sling and the Peg on the "Burlingame Loop"
* Do IT Smarter and Pro Lender visits
* La China with the "girls" and Dad

I think that's about it - so far, so good. No major blowouts, no dirty looks... Just a lot of positive experiences and good times... What will the future hold???

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Where has he gone lately?
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