Monday, February 23, 2009

Where do spiders live?

Elliott has a love/hate relationship with spiders. He loves to find them and discover where they live, but isn't so sure he wants to have anything else to do with them once he locates them. I can't blame him - the spiders that inhabit our yard certainly aren't perfectionists in the "web spinning" department. Our spider webs are all about function and not form. They are matted down, dirty, full of empty egg sacks, the whole bit. You get the picture.

Elliott has made it pretty clear that any light cover or object in the yard that has been sitting for any period of time has been subject (and is probably inhabited by) SPIDERS! The Airstream has a set of decorative lights that drop from the side to a stake in the ground. Each of the lights has a small metal cover that reveals extensive traces of (you guessed it)...SPIDERS!

As such, there has been some quality time hanging out in the backyard, turning over each light and checking out the the habitats of our 8-legged guests. Enough time was spent that I became convinced that Elliott could readily identify the location of any and all spiders that crossed his path.

This being the case, I was somewhat caught off guard when Elliott stopped me last week, pointed a finger towards one of my nostrils, and said with conviction... SPIDERS!!! I guess it's time to bust out the nose hair trimmer.

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