Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Letter to "Life"

Hi Life - 

What's up?  It would seem that with all the uncertainty floating around that everyone is simply *watching and waiting*.  

Life... you maniac!  You are funny like that.  People (historically) hate to wait - but they do like to watch.  So watch this...

1. I would much rather rock out in the living room with my son than worry about the finer points of things totally out of my control.  I own those guitars and if we need to leave California because of economics or natural disaster, they're coming with us :)

2. Reality shows are giving your name a bad name because I don't think they are what you are all about.  That being said, what do I know?  It's your life, life.

3. The doors that you operate are constantly opening and closing - I'm not saying I'm going to force anything that isn't ready, but I am paying attention to what is going on and if you let your guard down, I am going to chair lock you in a room and call my friends and have a large party at your expense.

4. I know you have a happy ending with my name on it (and I don't mean at a massage parlour).  I will wait for my turn.

5.  I eat your cereal all the time, but not the cinnamon-flavored one.  Good thing you don't have peanut butter as one of your ingredients.  Do you know anything about how I can get some of this stimulus package action?  Sorry... I digress.

Take care -

Canceled Check

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